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Magic Beans Slot Machine

The game draws inspiration from the famous tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. As the story goes, Jack acquired enchanted beans, ventured into the giant’s abode, and pilfered treasures. Despite the giant discovering him, Jack managed to escape by severing the beanstalk. Ultimately, he and his mother found joy and contentment in their lives!

Experience the Magic Bean Legend slot online for free by the best JILI slot games. Achieve 4 WILDs to unlock an additional multiplier, potentially reaching up to 15X!

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How to Play Magic Beans Slot Game

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Elevate your slot adventure with the Magic Bean Legend game, offering you the chance to reimagine the story of Jack and the Beanstalk for your benefit! Ascend the towering beanstalk by chaining wins and aim to uncover the treasure hidden amidst the clouds. Are you equipped to triumph over this enchanting narrative?

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Upon retriggering the free game, the multiplier and rewards remain consistent with the initial triggering. The game comprises five reels adorned with an array of symbols such as magic beans, spell books, and enchanted creatures. Each symbol possesses its distinct value, promising thrilling rewards in the gameplay.

How to Win Magic Beans Slot Game

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1. The game’s profitability advises a suggested bet of 20 PHP, ensuring you stay within your budget without depletion.

2. Free games may happen unexpectedly, giving you the opportunity to boost your earnings.

3. The payout is moderate but consistent, guaranteeing a certain level of winnings.

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4. Employing strategic gameplay in this game could potentially double your initial investment.

5. Keep your bet steady during wins, and once content with your profits, contemplate pausing the game and swiftly withdrawing your funds.

Magic Beans Slot Game Paytable

Here’s the payout breakdown for a 25-bet score.

Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-05 The all-match pattern can substitute for any icon except the free game symbol. It exclusively shows up on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5.
Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-06 When three of them show up on the reel, it triggers a free game.
Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-07 5×500



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-08 5×250



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-09 5×150



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-10 5×150



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-11 5×100



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-12 5×100



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-13 5×75



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-14 5×75



Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-15




Best-JILI-Slot-Game-Magic Beans Paytable-JILI178-16 5×50



Magic Beans Free Game

When 3 SCATTER symbols appear on the reel, triggering a free game. Choose 1 Wooden bucket to receive a multiplier between 2X to 5X, or select 1 Treasure chest for 8 to 15 free games.

Upon landing 3 SCATTER symbols on the reel, players can initiate additional free games, potentially accumulating up to 250 free games.

Re-triggering a free game maintains the same multiplier and rewards as the initial trigger.

Within the free game, the multiplier increases by one when obtaining 4 specified symbols, allowing for a maximum of 15x.

If disconnected or inactive for more than 10 seconds while in auto mode, the system will automatically start.

Magic Beans Game Payline Rules

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